Our Story

Pulse Eco Shower's aim has always been the same, our mission is to deliver water and energy saving showers that people actually want to use.

Our revolutionary technology was first introduced to the UK in 2008 and since then has changed the way water saving is experienced by 1000s of consumers worldwide.

Our showers are guaranteed to deliver our customers the highest performance and create a highly enjoyable experience, by retaining temperature and feel every time.

From our head office in N. Ireland, to our distribution networks across the rest of the UK and Europe, we have continued to invest in continuous redesign and development of the Pulse Eco Shower to meet the very highest standards demanded by our customers. As well as being highly functional, we have also developed our Pure Pulse model to reflect the latest in bathroom styles and trends.

Pulse Eco Shower are extremely proud of our success to date, having won a number of prestigious awards since its UK introduction:

As we continue to build on this success, delivering consumers cost savings in the home, improved efficiency for universities and greater sustainability for commercial businesses, we are working hard to tackle some of the challenges water shortages will present to us all in the future.

Pulse Eco Shower are committed to putting water-saving practices high on every one’s agenda and as easily accessible as possible. The next phase of our development will be building fun into the way we all manage water: educating the next generation in the ways of smarter water usage and developing and designing new products that not only benefit inpiduals as well as the whole family, but the entire community.