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"After using the Pulse Eco Showerheads at our busy wakeboard school for a couple of months now we are extremely happy with the results. With a large number of customers using the changing rooms and showers every day, it has been an invaluable product in terms of saving water, reducing limescale and attracting less bacteria. As well as these things the shower head has a great pressure and gives an enjoyable shower."

Jules Haley, Quayside Wakeboard & Waterski

"My mother and I have both received our respective orders from you and I thought you might like to know that we are both extremely pleased and impressed with our Pure Pulse shower heads. The contrast in my case with an aerated shower head is quite something with improved flow and a soft water feel to the shower, which is impressive in a hard water area. My mother has replaced a conventional shower head with the new Pure Pulse and is equally impressed with the soft water feel of her shower. It is good to know that we are saving water without reducing the effectiveness of our showers. In fact in both cases the new shower head is superior to our originals in just about every way."

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service and of course for an excellent product."

C. Topley

"I installed the ‘Pure Pulse’ shower head about 3 weeks ago without any fuss or tools as it is a straight connection size for any standard fitting and only needs to done up hand tight. It has lived up to expectations in all aspects with an incredibly easy transition through the shower patterns and a really refreshing pulse delivery, making a pleasant change from the normal ‘full on or big spray’ struggle normally associated with domestic quality shower heads.

It is too early to make judgements on ZERO lime scale build up within the head but with the pulse action being so definite I can see that it is likely to be a claim well founded.
An excellent product at a very competitive price of £29.99."

Mr P W. Milton Keynes

" Our luxury boutique full-service villas in Mykonos, Greece are at the very top-end of the market so shower performance could not be compromised. Every drop of water that runs through our taps is brought to us by truck so we are very aware of our (expensive) water consumption. We researched all the different eco-shower options and since installing Pulse Eco shower heads we are thrilled to have reduced our monthly water costs by €500, are supporting eco-friendly island living and have improved the showering experience for guests."

Katie Friedman, Owner, Villa Crew Group

"The technology behind it means that the reduction in water consumption is not to the detriment of the showering experience".

D. Davis, Senior Technical Officer, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers

"I have tried a number of water efficient shower heads but this is the first to be completely acceptable to all my family!"

S. Kay, Managing Director, Cambridge Water PLC

"The Pulse Eco Shower doesn't attempt to minimize water usage by filling the shower-flow with air. It retains the warmth you're looking for, increases the impact of a refreshing shower, and uses innovative technology to deliver something worth getting out of bed for each morning. It may seem like a trivial change to worry about what type of shower head your shower has, but the Pulse Eco Shower is a genuine water saving device accessible to anybody concerned about their environment. The product retails for around £39.99, and is suitable for mains pressure or pumped showers, and for all types of hose and cradle."

Ecoswitch review by Ryan Whatley

" We believe that providing customers with high quality products and targeted advice will go further towards achieving our overall objective than providing cheap products en mass. We have reviewed a number of water efficient devices and have concluded that the Pulse Eco Shower represents the best balance between water saving and performance. Users of these devices are more likely to continue utilising the product if it provides a good experience. We are wary that with cheaper options that merely limit flow, people will tend to go back to using their old shower-head or take longer in the shower to compensate for the diminished performance."

Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water - Water Strategy Report to OFWAT

"Multi-shower provided the largest reduction in flow, from 9.5 l/m to 6.0 l/m, and achieved the highest customer satisfaction score. This shower head uses a patented "pulsated" flow and is not strictly aerated in the same way as the other shower heads."

Portsmouth Water Company - Water Strategy Report to OFWAT

"I don't often find products that are innovative but you have changed this for me!

I would like to thank you and your R & D department for finding a way to save our very expensive water and even more expensive electricity!

The Eco Pulse Shower is truly magnificent in both of the above ways, plus it give an invigorating exciting shower at the same time.

Once again thank you."

Aurthur L

Christie, many thanks for your prompt reply. It was for my parents shower, I just bought one for me and I LOVE IT!!!

Kind Regards, Doe

My choice of shower head is the Pure Pulse white. I would also like to add that the Pure Pulse Shower head is the best value for money purchase that I have made in years.

Yours Sincerely , W A White.